Newton’s First Law of Motion

Newton’s First Law of Motion. Join Professor Mac as he explains Newton’s First Law and conducts a beautifully animated experiment which will help you understand the First Law and apply it with confidence.

Professor Mac has also released an eBook on Newton’s Second Law of Motion. In the ebook you will learn about Newton’s Second Law in five easy to understand steps through beautifully rendered high quality animations combined with clear explanations and fully worked examples. The ebook is available for the iPhone and iPod touch at:…

and a specially developed version for the iPad at:…

In this video Professor Mac explains Newton’s first law of motion. This is one of three laws published by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687.

The laws explain the interaction of forces and objects and the way in which the motion of an object is affected by force. This knowledge enables scientists and engineers to design and develop the products we use everyday.

I hope you enjoy the video.

For help in answering the question raised in the video, please visit the website:


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