Thomas & Friends: You’re the Leader Sing Along

little guy knocks out huge bully

Teamwork funny

Hubble eXtreme Deep Field – Farthest Ever View of the Universe

Physical Education – Swimming

Breaststroke training video



electrical appliances

Religious Studies – Knowledge, Belief, Spirituality, Faith and Lucid Dreams

Stock –

How the Stock Market Works – Cartoon Tutorial – Economics and Investing Video (1952)

Art & Design


Find out the effects of playing around with lettering and font styles.

Typography technique video


Biology –

Defending against infection activity

Bacteria and viruses can make you ill. How does the body fight them off? Find out in this activity.


Business Studies —

Starting a business

What motivates someone to start their own business? How do you come up with a new business idea? Our business experts discuss starting a new businesses.


Burmese (Myanmar) Language Lesson 1 – Introduction

Chemistry — The periodic table

Groups in the periodic table activity

Find out more about the alkali metals and the noble gases in this activity.


How a Capacitor Works – by Dr. Oliver Winn

Capacitors – A to Z of Electronics

Introduction to Project Planning

Why a still image? What does it add to a drama?

Just like a photograph, a still image can be examined closely, and the audience can note body language, facial expressions orproxemics to give clues as to the situation or the people within the situation at that moment.


English Literature

Frankenstein — Plot summary



Contrasts in development

Countries aren’t equal. They have different levels of development. Watch this video to find out more.




Historians argue that there are 4 long-term causes of World War One. Watch this video to find out more.


The Geneva Convention

ICT — Input devices, processing and output devices


Find out how data is captured, processed and shared in different ways.



Using formulae

Formulae activity


Thomas & Friends: Determination Song

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