Vipassana Meditation Short Intro

The Art of War, Chapter 2; Sun Tzu – A/V Book

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Wenatchee Washington – Ice Age Floods Geology

Medicine Lecture: Physiology and Physics of the Muscles | Anatomy Documentary (This lecture is 45 mins and so watch 5 mins each day.) This lecture can be finished on the 0032 studying day.

Collecting Like Terms/ Simplifying Expressions

Learn to Fly : Plane Takeoff for Pilot Training

“Louise” – Eisblume (English Translation & German Lyrics On Screen)

Hypotenuse – MathHelp.com – Geometry Help


MEDCs and charities give aid to LEDCs. This aid has its advantages and its disadvantages. Watch this video to find out more.


French Greetings Song for Children

Aikido Basic Techniques : Munetsuki Kotegaeshi

Of Mice and Men Plot summary


CATIA V6 | Mechanical Engineering & Design | Live Weight Design

Song Lesson for Kids Homeschooling Economics Barter & Trade

Basic DJ Setup for Beginners – DEX 101

How To Dance With A Girl In A Club For Men – Shakira Hips Don’t Lie Lesson

How To Write A Great Song: The Songwriting Formula

Beginner Chinese (Part 1) lesson 4-2

Plant oils activity

Emulsions and vegetable oils are commonly found in food. Find out more in this activity.


What most schools don’t teach – Feat. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will I Am…

Calculus : U-substitution Involving Polynomial Functions – Ex 3

Economies of scale


Proud To Be Burmese (Burma) (English subtitles).mov

Burmese Language Lesson 6 (what is your name?)

Myanmar National Anthem with a history of Burmese flags

Reproduction and cloning activity

How are animals and plants made? Find out in this activity.


Image treatments technique video


How to Solve Algebra Equations Using Inverse Operations : Measurements & Other Math Calculations

Simple Meditation Techniques : Insight Meditation

Learn intermediate Spanish vocabulary, the Clothes in the wardrobe – Speak Spanish lessons online

Psychology 101 – History and Approaches Part 4 – Functionalism and Structuralism

Three Minute Philosophy: Thomas Aquinas

Opinions of Versailles


The solar system and outer space activity

The Earth is part of the solar system. But how big is the rest of outer space? Find out in this activity.


Medicine Lecture: Physiology and Physics of the Muscles | Anatomy Documentary (Watch from 25-30 minutes)


How many vertices does a pyramid have?


The world is divided into ten major ecosystems called biomes. Watch the video to see what they are.


Trick to memorize trigonometric functions

ACCA F1 – 5 Stakeholders

Algebra – MathHelp.com – 1000+ Online Math Lessons

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