1. How Can I Be Happy? Going from Angry to Happy in Seconds 

  2. Riding Your Young Horse for the First Time 

  3. Human brain and its parts – Biology 

  4. Dependency Theory 

  5. Medicine made simple- for MD, DO, PA and CNPs 

  6. How to KO someone (Learn to fight in 5minutes) 


  8. Learn German – Lesson 1 

  9. MOTIVATION – It’s Possible-Best Inspirational Video Ever – You can do anything 

  10. VCE Business Management Unit 3 Outcome 2 – Lecture 6 Management Roles 

  11. Chemical Reactions: GCSE Chemistry 

  12. 2 Minute Chess Strategy: The Center 

  13. How to Drive a Car in 3 Minutes 

  14. Learn Chinese – Chinese in Three Minutes – Do you speak English? 

  15. How to Make/Code a Website from Scratch | Part 1: Making the Site in Dreamweaver (Local Root Folder) 

  16. How To Make Your First iPhone Application 

  17. Griffith University Design and Technology Automata Student Projects 

  18. New Technology 2014 Superhuman Robot 

  19. Power of Nanotechnology Video #Blow Mind 

  20. What is Project Management? Training Video 

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