Find out about finance, marketing and production from experts including Lord Sugar, Deborah Meaden, Hugh Pym and Saira Khan
Aims and organisation
Aims and organisation, enterprise, business structures and business expansion
Market research, the marketing mix, product, price, place and promotion
Sources of finance, revenue and profit, cash flow, financial records and breaking even
People in business
Organising staff, recruitment, motivation, protecting staff and communication
Production methods, efficiency, economies of scale, quality and stock control
Business environment
Stakeholders, the economy, the environment, ethics and location
Mock exam
Business StudiesVideoWhat is a business? Our panel of business experts discuss how they would describe a business and tell us about their own businesses. Featuring Lord Sugar, Deborah Meaden, Saira Khan, Hugh Pym, Ben Wallace, Nicola Vane and Dr Paul Thomas.
Business enterprise
Business in contemporary society, Business information and ICT, Decision-making in business
Business Decision Areas I: Marketing
Marketing, the marketing concept, the marketing mix, target markets, market research
Business Decision Areas I: Operations
operations, input, process and output, distribution and delivery, types of operations, quality
Business Decision Making Areas II: Finance
Role and Importance of Finance, Accounts, Ratio Analysis, Cash Budgets, Users of Financial Information, Sources of Finance
Business Decision Making Areas II: Human resource management
Role and Importance of Human Resources, Changing Patterns of Employment, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Motivation and Payment Methods, Employee Relations, Legislation
Business Studies —

Starting a business

What motivates someone to start their own business? How do you come up with a new business idea? Our business experts discuss starting a new businesses.

Business Studies:

Financial records

How important are financial records? Our business experts discuss how they manage financial records and what can go wrong if records are not kept properly.

Business Studies


What does it take to become a successful entreprenuer? Our business experts guide you through the basics.


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