Floyd Mayweather Boxing Defense Techniques

Thaing Byaung Byan Bando Banshay Brothers

Myanmar Thaing martial arts, #3

Myanmar Thaing martial arts, #5

Bando Three Levels of Nerve Attacks

Single Leg Seatbelt Toss KOLAT.COM Wrestling Techniques Moves Instruction

Myanmar Lethwei kickboxing, # 2

Master Moves of Savate (French Kick Boxing) : Human Weapon

Tae Kwon Do Techniques

4 Fighting Tips | Shaolin Kung Fu

Aikido Basic Techniques : Munetsuki Kotegaeshi

Top Self-Defense Moves | Karate Lessons

74 Techniques in 120 seconds – My best video yet

Street Boxing #1: How to Jab

Gangster loses fight to next karate kid (real fight)

Boy fights to protect his mom

1 Guy knocks 3 guys out for messing with his wife

little guy knocks out huge bully


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