Drawing: Find out about cross-hatching and how to shade ‘with the grain’ of an object to keep the 3D look.

Shading technique video


Understanding the Vocabulary of Algebra For Dummies

Pythagorean Theorem – MathHelp.com – Geometry Help

Unit Circle Trigonometry

ACCA F1 – 6 Committees

Control in the human body

Hormones activity

Hormones are chemicals that help regulate processes in the body. Find out more in this activity.


Royal Burma

Burmese Language Lesson 18 (Daily Questions)

Myanmar 2012 – On the beach in Ngwe Saung

Business Studies


What does it take to become a successful entreprenuer? Our business experts guide you through the basics.



Scent of a Woman (I call them principles)

Metals activity

Metals such as iron and copper are very useful, but where do they come from? Find out in this activity.


How To Write A Song – Top Ten Tips

Club Dance Lessons – For Guys | Beginner Dance Combo

Typhoon Haiyan ‘Yolanda’ Causes Widespread Destruction In Philippines

Electronic logic: digital and analogue signals

A detailed project plan:

Project management tutorial: The characteristics of a project | lynda.com

Quick Beatmatching – DJing For Dummies


Explorative strategies


Narrating is what you do when you’re giving a spoken commentary on the action taking place during a drama. It’s a useful technique when you want to inform the audience of what is happening.


Economics 101: Moral Hazard


How to Make Electronic Music: What You’ll Need (Part 1)

Civil Engineering: High rise construction and Form work

English Literature

Themes summary


1 Guy knocks 3 guys out for messing with his wife


Depositional landforms

Deposition creates beaches, spits and tombolos. Watch this video to find out more.


Basic guitar chords – 3 simple steps (A and E major)

How to Fly an Airplane : How to Take-Off an Airplane


Implementing a new computer system


Systems analyst’s implement new computer systems to meet the needs of the user. Find out more in this activity.


The Land Between: Geology with Dr. Nick Eyles

Beginner Chinese (Part 1) lesson 3-1

International Law Explained

What is Calculus?

Medicine Lecture: Physiology and Physics of the Muscles | Anatomy Documentary (This lecture is 45 mins and so watch until 5 and watch 5 mins each day.)

Simple Meditation

Squad and Team Tactics — Lesson 1 — The Wedge Formation


Why Poverty? Animation

a chit tha chin

Three Minute Philosophy – Immanuel Kant

Sprinting training video


What is Work :Physics for Kids -www.makemegenius.com,one of the Best Indian Education Website

Piano Lessons for Beginners Lesson 1 How to Play Piano Free Easy Online Learning Tutorials Chords

The 48 Laws of Power – Part 01 of 03

How to Read Minds

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