National Anthem of Myanmar

Introduction to Ratios

Three Minute Philosophy: Heraclitus & Parmenides

ratio and proportion

Waves activity

What are waves and how do you describe them? Find out with this activity.



Psychology 101 – History and Approaches Part 3 – Psychology Is a Science

Percentages – fast math lesson

Science Bulletins: Arctic Sea Ice—The New Normal

Whole Numbers – An Introduction

NASA | Earth at Night

Basic Trigonometry Formula – SOH-CAH-TOA

How to Fight Someone Bigger Than You – Overhand Right Punch

The best advice Warren Buffett ever received

What are Natural Numbers ? – Natural numbers explained

The League of Nations


Definition of Rational Numbers

Irrational Numbers

The 48 Laws Of Power: Chapter 4 – Always say less than necessary

The Real Number System

Tutorials for beginners



Minute Physics


Cannon fire

Where Does Gold Come From – “Gold Geology 101” part 1 of 2

Myanmar Cartoon Ant and grass hopper 1

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