Ellen Degeneres on Transcendental Meditation

Basic Algebra Skills Part 1

Basic Spanish – Days of the week in Spanish

Psychology 101 – Wundt & James: Structuralism & Functionalism – Vook

Three Minute Philosophy – John Locke

Assassination at Sarajevo


Generating electricity activity

Electricity is a very convenient form of energy, but where does it all come from? Find out in this activity.


Medicine Lecture: Physiology and Physics of the Muscles | Anatomy Documentary (Watch from 5-10 mintues)


What Is the Length, Width & Height of a Cube? : Math Tutorials

Contrasts in development

Countries aren’t equal. They have different levels of development. Watch this video to find out more.


Lord of the Flies Plot summary


Flight Lesson (Landing) Cessna 172


Definition of a Parallelogram – MathHelp.com – Geometry Help

Religion as social control – 60 Second Adventures in Religion (1/4)

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

Tutorial for Beginners | DJ Lessons

[Club Dance Basics] Simple Moves #1: Step Touch

Metals activity

Metals such as iron and copper are very useful, but where do they come from? Find out in this activity.


Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?



shwe 3

“English 100 most used irregular verbs” Improve English conversation Irregular verbs practice

Disney Mothers – A Mother’s Love

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