World History

Documentary World War 2 II in Colour The Second World War color


The League’s successes and failures

The League of Nations

Opinions of Versailles

Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

The conference and the Big Three

The outbreak of war

Assassination at Sarajevo

This is the collections of Burmese History, World History, European History, Asian History and American History.



Historians argue that there are 4 long-term causes of World War One. Watch this video to find out more.

British suffrage movement
Suffrage movement, World War I, Democratic reform, Why women got the vote
Liberal government 1906 to 1914
Motives for reform, Impact of reforms
Labour governments 1945 to 1951
The Five Giants, Impact of reforms
Growth of democracy
Major changes, Reasons for change
Growth of German nationalism
National consciousness, Bismarck and unification, Hitler’s rise to power, Impact of Nazi rule
Large-scale state: USA
Boom and bust, The New Deal, Race relations between the wars, Post-war race relations
Large-scale state: Russia
The Tsar’s regime till 1914, The causes of the February Revolution, The causes of the October Revolution, The Russian Civil War
Road to war
Appeasement, Rhineland, Anschluss, The Spanish Civil War, Munich
The Scottish Wars of Independence 1286-1328
Background, John Balliol, Robert the Bruce, Scottish history, the Great Cause, William Wallace and the Scottish resistance
Migration and Empire
Andrew Carnegie, John Rae, Angus McMillan, Thomas Lipton, John Wheatley, Alec Bernstein, Màiri Mhòr nan Òran – Big Mary of the Songs
Exam skills
Essay writing, Source handling

Documentary World War 2 II in Colour The Second World War color

History – The suffrage movement



War was inevitable in 1914, as tensions escalated across Europe. Watch this video to find out why.

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