How to Teach Children About Prisms & Pyramids : Fun with Prisms

How Many Corners Does a Rectangular Prism Have? : Fun with Prisms

How many edges does a cylinder have?

How many vertices does a pyramid have?

Hexagonal Pyramid

How many vertices does a triangular pyramid have?

Surface Area of a Cuboid – Mathematics

What Is the Length, Width & Height of a Cube? : Math Tutorials

Digischool – Word Problems on Addition & Subtraction of 3-Digit Numbers

Adding two digit numbers | Addition 2 | Adding with Carry over | Kindergarten video playlist

Three-Digit Addition with regrouping (Learn Operations #8)

Line Graphs – – Math Help

Maths Year 3 – Pictogram Table

Scatterplots and Line Graphs (EUS 8: B-1/2/3)

Venn Diagram Two Subsets Using Regions

Venn diagrams sets 2nd Grade Math

Making a Bar Graph

Learning About Line Graphs

Plotting Graphs – 1st to 3rd Grade Math Lesson from

How to tell time | Learn to tell time for children | Telling time | Learning video for children

Maths – Three digit subtraction – English

What Are Angles?

Types of angles

Angles On A Straight Line Add Up To 180 Degrees

Measuring angles using protractors

Parallel lines and Perpendicular lines – Geometry

Tips for Measuring Length

Mathematics: Learn Basics of Mass

Measuring Capacity

Beginner Measuring capacity and reading scales converted

Sitting Arrangement9 | Problem Solving | Verbal Reasoning | Non Verbal Reasoning | Reasoning Ability

Sitting Arrangement24 | Problem Solving | Verbal Reasoning | NonVerbal Reasoning | Reasoning Ability

Puzzles & Reading (I) | Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning – Type 2

Parallel, Perpendicular and Intersecting

Rotational Symmetry, Order and angle of Rotation

Lines of Symmetry

Triangle Types

Regular and Irregular Polygons

3 Minute Math – Angles and Number of Sides in Regular Polygons 2

Even better than The Shapes Song! (4 Sided Shapes – Quadrilaterals)

Transformational Geometry (Translations, Rotations, Reflections)

What Is the Difference Between Congruent & Similar? : Math Questions

3D Shapes and their Nets

Angle Types SUMMARY – geometry definitions

Types of Triangle Based on Angles – Acute Angled, Right Angled, Obtuse Angled


Skip Counting By 9 Song – Beginner

Adding and subtracting within 1,000

Maths – Even and Odd Numbers – English

Reverse Counting From 30 to 1 – Number Rhyme

Learn Grade 1 – Maths – Learn Greater, Iess and Equal to Symbol

Solving Equation Using Addition and Subtraction – Mometrix Academy Math Course

Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction

Solve inequalities by multiplication and division.mp4

Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To Numbers: Compare the numbers up to 100

How to Tell if a Number is a Prime Number

What’s a Prime Number?

Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 1000

writing words as numbers

Word Problems

Venn Diagram for LCM and GCF

Factors and multiples

How to find the prime factorization of number

Algebra Word Problems – – Math Help

Proportion Word Problems – – Math Help

Geometry Lessons – – 1000+ Online Math Lessons

Geometry Activities – – 1000+ Online Math Lessons

Rounding Whole Numbers – – Math Help

Math Antics – Basic Division

Math Antics – Long Division

Ratio and Proportion – Interactive Mathematics Lesson Module

proportion and similar figures

Percentages – fast math lesson

Introduction to Ratios


ratio and proportion

How to solve a linear equation (1) : ExamSolutions Maths Revision

Angles in a quadrilateral

Sum of the Angles, Quadrilateral and Triangle

Collecting Like Terms/ Simplifying Expressions

Introductory Algebra – Collect Like Terms

Easy Way To Add and Subtract Fractions

angles on pie charts


Using formulae

Formulae activity


Re-arranging symbols

Use of symbols activity

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