Meditation For Kids

The Art of War, Chapter 11 2 of 2; Sun Tzu – A/V Book

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What is a meander – Geologist describes meandering streams, rivers and oxbow lakes.

Medicine Lecture: Physiology and Physics of the Muscles | Anatomy Documentary (This lecture is 45 mins and so watch 6 mins each day. Today watch until 00:06) This lecture can be finished on the 0033 studying day.

angles on pie charts

How to Fly an Airplane : How to Take-Off an Airplane

Easy German Episode 1

Definition of a Parallelogram – MathHelp.com – Geometry Help

Contrasts in development

Countries aren’t equal. They have different levels of development. Watch this video to find out more.


Learn French: The Alphabet (lesson 1 – French lessons For Beginners w/ Verbeke French)

Street Boxing #1: How to Jab

Lord of the Flies Plot summary


Civil Engineering: High rise construction and Form work

Economics 101: Moral Hazard


Tutorial for Beginners | DJ Lessons

Club Dance Lessons for Men “Rock Step”

How To Compose Music

Beginner Chinese (Part 1) lesson 3-1

Metals activity

Metals such as iron and copper are very useful, but where do they come from? Find out in this activity.


How to Make employees efficent-Funny

Derivatives Calculus



Myanmar Tours: A Quick Look At The Golden Land

Burmese Language Lesson 3 (days of the week)

1948 Burma celebrating day of independence

Organisms in their environment activity

Animals and plants must adapt to their environment to survive. Find out how in this activity.


Typography technique video


Algebra Lesson 1: Simple Sets

Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast

Learn Spanish – Learn How to Introduce Yourself in Spanish

Psychology 101 – History and Approaches Part 1 – Intro to Psychology

Three Minute Philosophy – David Hume

The outbreak of war


Waves activity

What are waves and how do you describe them? Find out with this activity.


Medicine Lecture: Physiology and Physics of the Muscles | Anatomy Documentary (Watch from 10-15 minutes)


Surface Area of a Cuboid – Mathematics

Factors influencing development

LEDCs face difficulties when trying to improve conditions for their citizens. Solutions have been proposed but millions of people remain in poverty. Watch this video to find out more.


Sine Cosine Tangent – SOHCAHTOA – MathHelp.com

ACCA F1 – 1 Introduction to F1, types of organisation (Watch from 8:00 min to finish)

Abstract Algebra: The definition of a Group

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